Our Trail Building Services

Our trails all have one thing in common: Theyíre cut by hand.

Beyond that, each trail we build is unique. Weíve carved trails that range from a few hundred feet to more than three miles. Our paths are designed to blend seamlessly into your residential development. Our low-impact approach is ideal for fitting a trail to your existing terrain and development plan.

A Destination for Recreation and Leisure

Trails are an important part of any community. They connect us to each other. They connect us to the land. They help us reconnect with ourselves.

The low-impact, hand-cut trails of Jeremy Early Trailworks transform any residential community into a destination for recreation and leisure. Imagine a use, and we can design and build a trail for your community to suit it:
  • Hiking Trails
  • Walking Trails
  • Horseback Trails
  • Bicycling Trails
  • Greenways
Specialists in Trailbuilding

Itís a fact: Most landscapers simply arenít geared for building trails.

Jeremy Early Trailworks has the specialized expertise, personnel, and knowledge of the Southeastís terrain required for building trails the right way. Building trails is all we do, and itís what we do best.

What does that mean for you? It means youíll save on rental costs for expensive machinery. It also means you wonít have your limited green spaces torn up by the wrong guy using the wrong tool for the job. It means your trail will be built right, at a lower cost, and with less destruction of your property.